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Proaudio Group’s partners – SonicFab

SonicFab – Maxx Monopoli

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Among the partners of Proaudio Group – not just of our Construction branch – SonicFab is undoubtedly one of the most “creative”. Maxx Monopoli, the father of SonicFab, explains how his project has become much more than a production studio…

 “The idea of SonicFab was born in 2015 and took shape in 2016, as a “rib” of Sonic Solution Entertainment, a music company in the music market since 2000. We felt the need to evolve, since for us music is only one aspect of entertainment”.

The evolution: from music to entertainment…

 “Starting as a label, we have become a much broader and more diverse reality. From managing a roster of artists over the years, we have become promoters of significant events. Our evolution began from the moment that it was established that the music is not enough. It’s just become a part of our job!
Usually, those who contact us need to do a musical project. To make it happen, they also need the whole visual part (photos and videos), and more. Music is no longer enough because the “entertainment” product is much broader.
Today, SonicFab is a pure production studio”.

A short “behind the scenes”

“My “music dream” comes from long ago, when I built a sampler on a DOS 8086 for my diploma as a computer expert. It was 1988!
My passion and dedication for this world made me take a step forward in terms of quality, differentiating the approach. At the beginning it was just audio, now it’s audio and video, eye and ear”.

“Next autumn we want to set up a top-notch post-production studio.
Currently, we have a sound design room for video productions, computer graphics and 3D, addressing all those who need to produce. It is true that today you can post videos with whatever smartphone, but there is a large portion of potential “creators” that needs a quality product on a limited budget.
An example? In our studios, we are able to do live streaming. What if we offer this equipment to a Youtuber? He can develop his own channel here, with professional quality!”.

“All the 25-years of know-how as a producer is contained in our structure and work crew. A piece of this know-how is now available to unleash all the unexpressed potential of the market”.

Proaudio and SonicFab: the birth of a creative synergy

“Besides being a loyal customer of SMAP (a branch of Proaudio Group) for a long time, the first contact dates back to the time of our studio’s renovation, designed by Donato Masci from Studio Sound Service.
Mauro [Allegrezza] and Michele [Villa] came to visit me in the studio, and we just clicked. Mauro called Francesca [Bianco] to start working immediately on new, ever more ambitious projects”.

A fun fact about the studio construction

 “Together with Donato Masci, we decided that the coverings of the studio’s walls (which are usually made with acoustic canvas), was built with a particular material.
We found a supplier in the USA that produced a canvas, the same as the screens in the projection room of the mastering studio. The canvas has very high reflexivity characteristics (in the mastering rooms, it needs to work perfectly) and, at the same time, it is acoustically transparent.
In short, the construction of the studio stopped for six months to wait for this material, because the USA supplier produces this canvas from the orders received, only twice a year. Was it worth it? Donato Masci has made an incredible project, and the studio is just astonishing!”.



Author: Tellem