Construction is the design and project management division of Proaudio Group.

We are like an orchestra conductor: we coordinate our divisions, third-party companies and group partner companies to bring a project from paper to life.

Born as Proaudio Consulting in 2010 – and therefore with a marked vocation for service right from the start – we have accumulated skills and experience that allow us to take care of the creation of special environments, optimized for critical listening and vision, from their conception to the final technical testing, through all the phases of execution and taking care of every detail.

We offer specialty project management, budget & cost management, procurement coordination, construction, installation, supply of hardware, wiring, and calibration and testing, for the creation of audio/video environments of the highest quality and completely customized, based upon the needs of each type of customer, even aesthetics.

No two of our jobs are alike. We do this by guaranteeing strict compliance with the budget and implementation times and by taking care of any coordination with third-party companies.

We manage projects of any size and scope, on the international market and in key sectors: broadcast, corporate, cinema, large venues, music, radio, TV, post-production, from private studios to stadiums, as our portfolio clearly shows.


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This world looks wonderful… We want it to sound as good.
This is our vision 🙂 as simple as that.