proaudio rubber band

The Webster definition for “sound” starts with “sound is an elastic wave…”.
From this, the use of an (elastic!) rubber band, as it fell on our designer partner, Cecilia Torracchi, Graduation Essay 🙂

The story of Proaudio told by one of those who gave birth to it, Francesca Bianco.

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“Proaudio was founded as Proaudio Consulting, by me [Francesca Bianco], at the time the Avid product specialist with SMAP (San Marino Audio Project) – a company specializing in the supply of professional audio equipment – and Mauro Allegrezza, founder and CEO of SMAP.”

In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, echos of which continued to affect the market in 2010, sector specialists have sought new synergies and working methods.

“In 2010, occurred the first meeting, as fortuitous as it was fruitful, with Donato Masci. Where? In Milan, on the building site of the main mixing room of Carlo Forester’s Jinglebell Communications.
This project was the result of the synergy between our project management and the skills of Donato Masci, a rising designer from the “school” of the late lamented engineer Fabrizio Giovannozzi.
The realization of the mixing room – from the raw state to its full operation – was the first work of a nascent Proaudio Consulting, which was in charge of the project management and the construction.”

With this successful debut, Proaudio’s evolution began, faithfully supported by the consultancy and designs of Donato Masci and Cecilia Torracchi of Studio Sound Service, and over time “integrated” by SMAP and Cablocustom.

“The technical skills involved and the years of experience that followed have done the rest. We’ve refined the design and construction phases in every single detail. Today, the construction techniques are customized to fit each project, the choice of materials is the result of a perfect balance between performance and resources, the working methods take advantage of experienced project management, which integrates the resources necessary for the implementation of individual projects.”

Over the years, more projects have followed, continually increasing in importance.

“In 2014, Proaudio set another milestone, winning against some of the top competitors in our market and being awarded the project for the moving of Fox Studios from one London district to another, specifically for the construction of the control rooms.

The construction of environments dedicated to acoustics became our primary activity, while still taking advantage of the quality of SMAP equipment, where everything started. At the end of 2015, SMAP was acquired by Proaudio and operates today as a division or branch of Proaudio”.


This world looks wonderful… We want it to sound as good.
This is our vision 🙂 as simple as that.

Today, Proaudio represents a much broader reality than at its beginning.

“As the sole interlocutor, we manage the whole design and construction process, achieving top-quality results in the establishment of “turn-key” projects. Our philosophy allowed us to grow and guarantee the realization of “sound-friendly” environments in set times and within the allocated budget”.

As a contractor specialized in acoustics, Proaudio is the parent house under whose roof are contained the divisions or branches of SMAP, CabloCustom and, as we’ve noted, Proaudio Construction. It takes care of all environments “because it is important that they sound good”.

“Our work is organized by divisions or branches, allowing us to intervene modularly in any project. The construction, the equipment, the cables – can all be working together or not; the divisions or branches are completely autonomous.”