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Asaf Avidan’s homey-studio

A stunning glimpse of Italy bewitched the International artist Asaf Avidan, who wanted to give a house here to his music. To be precise, he chose a rural building, immersed in the green hills of Pesaro, to relax and create, in-between his tour concerts.

Songwriter and one-man band, Asaf speaks Italian perfectly and loves Italy, where he is surrounded by its natural beauty, right from the window of his studio.

asaf-homey-studioLe Marche and San Bartolo hill, in fact, give him an authentic balcony on the sea from which to draw inspiration. Asaf requested a home recording studio in which to abandon himself completely to the creative flow. Wish granted!

asaf avidan recording studioIn the studio, a gift from a fan 🙂

A “hidden” studio

 The artist’s brief was very simple: do not alter the home’s soul, preserve its sense of welcome.

That’s why, thanks to a “seamless” acoustic treatment, there are no particular aesthetic changes. In short, no “before-after” effects. But just aesthetically speaking, because the acoustic improvements are there, and how! But you can’t see it.

At the end of our intervention, the homey atmosphere was untouched despite the addition of a recording studio, designed and built with all the trimmings.

Donato Masci and Cecilia Torracchi from Studio Sound Service looked after the design.

asaf-avidan-control-roomDetails of the control room.

The acoustic treatment was punctual and surgical, so as to be simply invisible. This allowed the artist to use an entire section of his house as a creative studio. A space dedicated to his words and his music; to his voice and his instruments.

regia-dall'isobooth_asaf_avidanThe control room seen from the isobooth

The details

 The studio is developed respecting the original structure of the house and is composed of a control room and an isobooth. The aesthetic choices played a fundamental role in order to “hide” the acoustic treatment.

isobooth_asaf_avidanA section of the isobooth.

By selecting colors and fabrics most appropriate for the original furnishings, we have “integrated” the treatment undergone by the control room and the isobooth.

isobooth_mattoni_a_vistaThe exposed bricks of the isobooth

In particular, we kept a wall made of exposed bricks for the isobooth, taking advantage of the natural acoustics given by the house.

isobooth-asaf-avidan-instrumentsAsaf’s set of instruments.

sala-regia_asaf_avidanThe control room, backside.

 The wonderful control room benefits from a “natural painting” visible from the room’s huge window.

The two bass traps and the sound-absorbing elements on the ceiling – meant to complete the treatment – were placed without disturbing in any way the panorama of the “studio with a view”.

asaf-avidan-studio-in-pesaro_WEBThe view of the control room, from the back, during the staging.

In the company of nature and its animals, today Asaf Avidan composes many of his songs here. Immersed in the wonders of “le Marche”, in the stunning landscapes, in the good food and in nature’s colors, which cherish and inspire the creative process of a uniquely talented artist.


Author: Tellem