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All the sounds and colours of the Italian cinematography vanguard take to Rome.
Precisely, in the San Giovanni neighbourhood, to the fourth floor of an apartment block in the heart of the Capital, in the Via Ludovico di Savoia.

Here, In House, the digital cinema boutique designed for the digital post-production, mix and tailor some of the recent masterpieces of the Italian cinematography. By doing so, it was decorated with the David di Donatello 2017 for the best sound in the movie “Veloce come il vento” by Matteo Rovere.Matteo Rovere himself, together with the sound engineer Mirko Perri, supported our team in designing the In House mixing room – the outcome of a little masterpiece of sound engineering – where the master Paolo Sorrentino mixed “La Grande Bellezza” and “The Young Pope”.

This facility is much more than a post-production studio, since its team benefits from the synergy of young excellences, which are ready to invest their competencies on projects that are capable of bringing the Italian cinematography to its evolution.
The talent Sidney Sibilia enjoyed the studio, designed by Donato Masci and Cecilia Torracchi of Studio Sound Service, and the console of Matteo Caldarola from M2CLab, while mixing “Smetto quando voglio”- its big screen debut.

Flashback to 2013.

We remember as if it were yesterday, a milestone for Proaudio: In House.
Managing this project – designed and realised in just six months – represents the very first realisation of a cinematographic technical environment with unique features: the dual purpose of the main room, aka “Colorix”, which is a mixing room (Dolby®-approved with JBL speakers) and a colour correction studio (Davinci Resolve BlackMagic©). The beauty of this project stands in the management of the spaces needed to soundproof and certificate the room, which is set in a building born in the 60’.

The support of SMAP for the equipment and Cablo Custom for the wiring delivered the perfect stylistic and technical combination of the two souls of this facility. The mixing “sweet spot” e and the colour correction workstation find their place into the shell designed by Donato Masci, who used his experience to support cinema and tv’s masters and talents in working into the range of 85-105dB of SPL.
The blend of technical features and design make In House an extremely versatile mixing facility, which is considering, over these days, an upgrade – after a few years of activity.

In House’s design excellence, which goes beyond the technicality, make perfect audio contents that are meant to reach an International success.
Today, as Proaudio we proudly follow the escalation of “Colorix”, the room that gives birth to Italian and International masterpieces.

Author: thespace