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Ronny Aglietti’s studio in Monte San Savino


In the Tuscany countryside, just a “glance” from Monte San Savino (in the province of Arezzo), is the studio of Ronny Aglietti, the inseparable bass player of Alessandra Amoroso and Bianca Aztei. While away from stages and tours, Ronny loves to experiment and prepare for live shows in his studio built inside an old barn. From the window, the Tuscan pearl of Monte San Savino reminds him of a small Siena…

Studio Sound Service designs and we build – this time inside an ancient barn! The studio is located next to Ronny Aglietti’s house. He just needs to cross his driveway to enter an acoustic environment perfect for his job as a bass player, producer and sound engineer.

Ronny needed a comfortable and welcoming place to make some noise, play and prepare for tours properly. In this sense, having at one’s disposal an environment whose acoustics are perfectly known becomes an essential support for the musician Ronny. In a short time, the in-studio tests allow us to understand what the acoustic dynamics will be in live shows. Just as happens for the tours of Alessandra Amoroso (he has been working with her for twelve years) and Bianca Aztei: the studio rehearsals always precede the staging and the general rehearsals that take place outside.


The old friendship of Ronny Aglietti and Fabrizio Giovannozzi, founding partner and father of Studio Sound Service, has allowed Donato Masci to design the studio and our CEO, Francesca Bianco, to be in charge of coordinating its construction. Before our intervention, the barn already housed a studio (without acoustic treatment), which also left room for a kitchen, a bathroom, a closet and a bedroom. Today, the control room occupies the former kitchen, the former bedroom is replaced by the recording room, and the utility room is in the former closet.


Together with Studio Sound Service, we built in every detail the approximately 70 square meters of the acoustic environment dedicated to Ronny and the artists he occasionally hosts to rehearse, arrange or produce. His numerous collaborations with other musicians and artists are carefully selected because hosting someone in the studio is like hosting them in your own home. Six years after the construction, everything is still perfect: from the parquet floor to the acoustic treatment fabric… Everything is tidy and “smells of cinnamon!”.


From a purely technical point of view, the artist knew exactly what his needs were, so we could focus on everything else, including the choice of parquet and the shark grey on the stretched walls, in order to completely change the room’s mood. In addition, we designed and built the studio’s low-acoustic-impact console.


In a nutshell, together with Donato we just guided Ronny towards the best aesthetic and acoustic treatment choices in order to give him an environment where he could experiment with his instruments to his liking (at the time of delivery we calibrated some excellent Genelec speakers).


We delivered the keys to the studio in 2014 and Ronny remembers that moment well. It was his own gift for his daughter’s birth, who was born at that time. After a few years, we are happy to know that the studio is treated like a child!


What could be better for Ronny Aglietti than enjoying his house of music in a barn nestled in the Tuscany countryside?
And, according to Ronny, at Monte San Savino the steak is great!

Author: thespace