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Scarabeo Entertainment – the “Cineporto” of Emilia-Romagna

The beetle (in Italian, “scarabeo”) is an ancient symbol of rebirth; for “our” beetle – which is Scarabeo Entertainment’s logo, it is rebirth “all around”: professional rebirth, of a territory, of an artistic soul that wants to open up to the world.

This beetle is the symbol that gives life to a great project, that of the Cineporto of Emilia-Romagna.

scarabeo entertainment

We had the pleasure and honor to work with Alessandra Stefani and the whole Scarabeo Entertainment team for the realization of two twin, multifunctional rooms (Grading, Video Editing, Audio pre-Mix up to AHE – 7.1.4), inside the new “cinema hangar”, built in the heart of Emilia Romagna, in Fiorano Modenese.

We are talking about two unique rooms, built in a state-of-the-art environment and designed according to the most modern criteria of sustainability and power efficiency. The new Cineporto of Emilia-Romagna is futuristic and simply spectacular!

Scarabeo Entertainment: where it all started

This wonderful project for our neighboring region, and for the entire audio-video production sector in Italy, was born well before 2022.

Exactly in 2018, when Alessandra began her adventure as director and producer with The Arch. A documentary about the most human and spiritual dimension of the profession of architect, filmed in four continents and aired recently by Sky Arte.

Hence, her new birth and the will to bring her creative force into a new dimension: Scarabeo Entertainment.

scarabeo entertainment

In addition to being a director and producer, in fact, Alessandra Stefani is the soul of Scarabeo, which now has a home of its own: the Cineporto. For the realization of this amazing facility, Alessandra has a very clear vision:

“We want to help open up this region to the world, to enhance the creative drives and entrepreneurial intelligence of women and men capable of looking to the future with a spirit of curiosity and drive… Scarabeo has this dual vocation, to grow within a given territory and to attract professionals and resources from all over the world.”

In the rapidly expanding future of Italian audiovisual production and post-production, in short, there is no longer Rome-only.

Emilia Romagna and world-class cinema are getting closer: beyond Fellini there is more.

scarabeo entertainment donato masci

The Project

From their first contact with Scarabeo Entertainment’s Cineporto, Alex Rinaldi and the whole Proaudio Construction team were won over by the structure that would house the “twin” rooms (code name, “Twins”) – for which soundproofing was already in place.

“From the outside, what may look like a very simple structure hides fascinating care and quality of construction in every single detail. In the center of this huge room, stands a gem of fine wood: a floating structure that houses our two rooms. A surreal, state-of-the-art atmosphere.”

Having verified and corroborated the efficiency of sound insulation – thanks to new fixtures and the intervention of Donato Masci and the Studio Sound Service team – the design and construction challenge began.

We designed and then built the “Twins” in 20 days, straddling June and July 2022.

Why this rush? 

Because in a matter of weeks the Cineporto would host the set of a major Hollywood production, coming to shoot M.M.’s film on Enzo Ferrari.

The “Twins” project for the Cineporto of Emilia-Romagna was realized at the speed of light!

Author: Tellem