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Script & Sound: a monoscope in the heart of Rome

“A cathode-ray tube designed to produce for test purposes a video signal of a stationary pattern which has been printed in black foil ink on the aluminum-coated signal plate and sealed in the tube” (Merriam-Webster).


Why not bring the monoscope still picture back to life, right in the Capital’s center?
Since March 2017, Script & Sound, a Roman dubbing/localization/versioning company, can finalize its projects for the big and small screens into its thematic mixing room we have built – based on the design of Studio Sound Service. Together with our divisions SMAPaudio.com (for the equipment) and Cable & Service (for the wiring), we have created a cozy room with the looks of a 3D monoscope.


Script & Sound is a Roman sound post-production facility, belonging to Amadio Ruggeri, a “dubbing” veteran with more than twenty years of experience, who has worked with giants like Discovery, National Geographic, and RAI.
The mixing room we built for Amadio is “inhabited” by Fabrizio Lantini, the resident sound engineer, who can unleash all the potential of this acoustic environment through his vast experience in TV audio post-production (including the adventures with FOX and Sky).



The Monoscope mixing room, operational since 2017, has allowed Script & Sound to bring everything “in-house” and complete its projects internally. Amadio and Fabrizio were able to take advantage of their synergies to provide a final top-class product. Today, the Script & Sound facility is composed of two dubbing rooms, offices and “our” mixing room: ITU 5.1, 7.1-ready.


The first contact dates back to the FOX construction sites in Rome, thanks to Fabrizio Lantini and Alessandro Travaglini, FOX’s technical manager back then.
Francesca [Bianco] visited came up with the Monoscope unique idea, which became a reality thanks to Studio Sound Service. The mixing room would look like a 3D monoscope, in order to recall the classic “good-old-days” television broadcast. Amadio immediately embraced the idea of making its new room aesthetically attractive. From the lights and colors to the smallest of details … The room takes the shape of a Monoscope image: the one used to verify the quality of TV broadcasts.



In about three months, the renderings became reality!



The mixing room was obtained from an office. The project made full use of the whole available space, 15m² (with a volume of 40m³). Amadio’s need was to create, in this narrow space, a place to welcome customers and – at the same time – to provide the perfect sound for TV broadcasting service.


In this “turnkey” project, Studio Sound Service was also essential for the calibration of Genelec loudspeakers to make the 5.1 system fit perfectly within the room.


Today, Amadio and Fabrizio “live” in a unique mixing room, working on high-profile projects.
For these kinds of studios, an acoustically excellent mixing room allows to welcome the most demanding customers. RAI is the perfect example. Indeed, Clients’ “inspectors” are required to be involved in the operations to control the product quality: this a modus operandi – outside the box – that fosters a unique exchange of human experience and professional skills.

With its perfect acoustic performances, the Monoscope mixing room is the right environment for Amadio, Fabrizio, and their high-profile customers.

Author: Tellem